The Hogbetsotso festival (pronounced Hogbechocho)is celebrated by the chiefs and people of Anlo in the Volta region of Ghana.Some major Anlo towns include Anloga (capital), Keta, Kedzi, Vodza, Whuti, Tegbi, Dzita, Abor, Afiadenyigba, Anyako, Konu, Alakple, Tsito, Atiavi, De čegodo, and many other villages. The festival is celebrated annually on the first Saturday in the month of November.The name of the festival is derived from the Ewe language and translates as, the festival of exodus. or “coming from Hogbe (Notsie)”. The celebration of the festival was instituted about four decades ago.The Anlo is a group of people from a tribe on the eastern coast of Ghana. Prior to their settling in their present location, they lived in Notsie, a town in present-day Togo. It is believed that they had migrated from southern Sudan to settle in Notsie. Oral tradition has it that they lived under a wicked king, Togbe Agorkoli, and in order to escape his tyrannical rule they had to create a hole in the mud wall that surrounded their town. They achieved this by instructing the women to pour all their wastewater on one particular place in the wall.Over time the spot became soft, thereby allowing the townspeople to break through the wall and escape. Tradition also holds that, to avoid pursuit and make good their escape, they walked backward with their faces towards the town so that their footprints appeared to be going into the town.


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