MiPH Consult is dedicated to ameliorating business operations and the lives of millions using optimized and meaningful technologies.

We say “mind your business and leave your IT needs to us”. With us all you do is sit in comfort and never worry.

From Start-ups to pros, we work with SMEs and established businesses to help them achieve their goals leveraging on technology. Not only do we support your idea but we also enrich your dream with data driven Research for your business growth.

We provide advanced technologies that are tremendous for users and businesses, providing “behind-the-scenes” support for your mission-critical business operations. We transform you traditional operations into a smart Industry 4.0 manufacturing environment for the production of cost-effective and competitive products.

Also contact us for continual data driven R&D consultancy to keep your business competitive. Our team of Research Scientists offer nothing less than the best.

Our training programs equip the next generation with tacit hands-on, minds-on experience in accelerating technology requirements for 21st century jobs.