Uncle Ebenezer as people usually called him was born on the 28th March, 1974 to the Late Mr. Josiah Wilson of Gomoa Ojobi and Obaapani Ama Feduah (Late) of Gomoah Buduatta. He was Educated at the Buduatta DC School graduating with a Middle School Leaving Certificate. He was first Employed as a clerk to the Agona Sweduro Branch of Okwama Stores and was later posted to the Tema as a Cement distributor for same company. He had such passion for nature, music and was skilled in handiwork. While at Tema, he found the need to commercialize his talent leading to the registration of his own enterprise in 1978. It was named Standard Craftworks Ltd. Uncle Ebenezer joined the Bethel Methodist Church at Tema Community 8 in the late 1980s and became a devout member of the church and the Singing Band.
He got married to Felicia Entsie in the year 1977 and the two kept their vows till his departure. The two were inseparable and they have their own stories to tell. About eighteen years ago, he decided to settle at Gomoa Buduatta to help mobilize the next generation of his family and also contribute to the development of his mother town. While at Buduatta, his love for church became a major priority serving in various positions. He became the Steward and Caretaker of the Ebenezer Methodist Church and finally brought his stewardship to rest last year due to his deteriorating health. Uncle Ebenezer lived a life worthwhile and contributed his quota to the world. He left one wife, five sons, two daughters and ten grandchildren.


“Through all the changing scenes of life,
In trouble and in joy,
The praises of my God shall still
My heart and tongue employ. – MHB 427”

Our father; Mr. Ebenezer Kwow Boabeng Wilson was very well. But the earthly tent in which he lived was becoming dilapidated. The snow had engulfed its roof. It begun tottering on its foundation. Time and season had worn it out from within, but there was no sign of its weakness from the outside; except the snow on its roof. It’s foundation trembled a few times this year with the monsoon winds, and His maker though it was time. Time for him to relocate to his eternal heavenly mansion; his reward for his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Our father was born on the 27th of March, 1944. He is the first good man we ever came across and it’s going to be difficult finding another of his kind. We still wonder how he merged severity and love in a single unique character. From the very beginning, he would gather us every morning, pray with us and feed us with words of truth. He reasoned with us and supported us in all our endeavors. In tough times, daddy was there to guide and motivate us to achieve excellence. We have loved and valued him for the kind of man he was and by the example he set for us. It is no coincidence that all his children know Christ and know Him well. He kept his charge as a father and we are the fruits of his labor. Dad, our appreciation to you will never cease to grow; even in your absence.
Your passing on brings it more bare to us, that God’s purpose for every father is not to fall asleep on the wheel but to step up and do whatever it takes to be involved in the lives of their children. Our father did not just provide for us. He stood by our side always, he thought us to follow Christ, he protected us, he blessed us and loved us. To the Singing Band; he was a musician, to the church; he was a steward and a bible teacher, to the community; he was a counselor and an arbiter but to us; he was daddy and a super hero. It’s unfortunate we have to go the rest of the journey without talking to him. But his lessons, inspiration, legacy and the God he served will sustain us.
Daddy, the pain in our hearts today is immeasurable as we ask ourselves where the starlight has gone. The past few days have been dark and wondering our way home lead us to emptiness. We have tried to hold on but it has not been easy. We long to hear your voice again. Just a word from you will keep us strong and bring an end to this nightmare. We wait for the dawn to break in our sleepless nights without you by our side.
Yet we know the night must end for the sun to rise. We know that the cloud must clear for the sun to shine. With our hope and faith in the resurrection of the body, we know that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel. We know you are proud of us and that one day, with arms wide open, we will be reunited with you in glory. Bright will shine the gates of heaven and sweet will be the song we will sing together on that day that reunites us.
We accept your passing as God’s calling on us, to take up responsibilities as fathers and mothers, and we are privileged and confident to embrace it. We pray for the Lord’s favor to carry out this mandate as fathers and mothers. Here we stand together as men and women of courage. Here we stand as fathers and mothers who fear the Lord. It is time for us to rise up and answer the call that God has given to us this day and we say

“ we leave here this day to go labor on;
we will spend and be spent
It will be our joy to do God’s will
For It is the way our father went
Should not his children tread it still? ”

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