Situated in a village called Boti in the Manya Krobo district in the Eastern Region. “Boti is a beautiful waterfall North- East of Koforidua. It is only a few miles from Koforidua.” Indigenously, the twin falls are regarded as male and female.  The source of the falls is the river Pawnpawn, and the rivers falls off an igneous rock outcrop at Boti Langmese.

It is believed that the falls was hidden in the forest until a catholic priest found it. The priest is said to have used the base of the fall as entertainment grounds for him and his friend. There is said to be a little conflict over the land on which the falls lie. The Akyems of Tafo clan in the eastern region were said to be the owners of the land wanted the land back. But investigations brought out a findings that the chief of Taf had sold the land to a man called Tetteh Nguo, who was a Krobo. It matter had to be settled in court. In 1961, the president of Ghana at that time, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, visited the site and was mesmerised by the beauty of the falls that he ordered a rest house to be built near the falls. Thus began the propulsion of the falls into the limelight.

The Boti falls has an upper fall and a lower fall. The most talked about is the lower falls (which has two falls). When the volume of water is high, the two separations meet. The indigenes describe this meeting as a mating ritual between the two falls, the male and female. The mating ritual is added unto by rainbow formation, which is as a result of the splashing of the water. To view the falls, tourists have to descend a flight of stairs. This offers a session of exercise. There is a pool formed at the base of the falls, which offers a refreshing cooling down effect after the long descend.

The waterfalls may be the star of the show, but there that is not the only attraction that tourists are treated to during their visit. There is also the umbrella rock and the three-headed palm tree. The umbrella rock consist of two rocks, one suspended on the pointed apex of the other. It provides shade like an umbrella. The three headed palm tree is said to the “Siamese” version of the plant. There are tour guides ready to give a tour of the site to tourist who request for it. Management has also provided summer hats for picnic lovers. The site is also tree dense, which provides a serene environment for reflection and relaxation. There are also food vendors with all sorts of dishes, local and continental. This affords tourist the opportunity to try dishes that are exotic to them.

So if you are looking for a place to visit and pass time, Boti falls is the place to be.


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